Fabric Air Dispersion

  DuctSox Systems distribute and disperse air in open ceiling architecture. Cost-effective and an attractive alternative to metal ductwork.


Air Conditioning

  Air Conditioning units from Crafft and Westair. A wide range covering residential and commercial types, including split, inverter, concealed DX and VRF....


Specialized Air Conditioning

  AC units for special applications such as precision types from Airedale, air curtains from Thermoscreens and elevator air conditioning systems from Liftair....


Refer a Friend

Share Solar, Get Cash!! Get $200 for each friend who installs a Solar System.


LED Lighting

  LED bulbs and fixtures can save you up to 90% energy and last more than 25,000 hours. They range from spotlights, LED tubes, candle bulbs and globe lamps....

After consolidating its competitive position in the market and establishing a strong reference list in the heating and air conditioning sector, Planet Green has taped the growing renewable energy market and emerged as a dynamic and confident pace setter in the field of renewable energy systems and batteries of all kinds. Planet Green is a solar energy company with a purpose: to make a big difference in the fight against climate change. Our aim is to revolutionize the global energy market. We strive in company practice for the highest environmental goals. We actively seek suppliers who share these goals and encourage our clients similarly. As a team, we aim to live the life with minimal impact on our surroundings. We are united in our belief that solar energy is a key solution to alleviate the growing energy crisis, and is vital for sustainability and combating global warming. Together we are changing the way the world gets power and are proud to be at the forefront of the renewable energy industry paving the way towards a greener and better tomorrow. It’s now your turn to Join The Green Revolution!




Planet Green


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